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 Hotel Info:

Be sure to mention the Idaho State Gymnastics Championships when reserving your room!

 University Inn, Best Western.  Flyer is here (right click, save as) (FULL)


Super 8

$55.95 - 12 and under free, family rooms available



Holiday Inn Express

(Pullman - 8 miles away)

rate of $85/night

(509) 334-4437


La Quinta

rate of $70/night � King rooms only






 Here's to the upcoming Season!


Go Idaho!

USAG Newsletter

January 22, 2006

IMPORTANT CHANGE  my e-mail is now

After struggling with our server that kept crashing and was down more than it was up, we have iq option finally changed. There may be a glitch or two but we are up and running. I have to rebuild all my address books etc. and it makes a great opportunity to update everyone therefore you will be receiving in the mail a request for updated information.    PLEASE use the return envelope and immediately send these to me.  If you do not receive one, let me know. 

Attached are the updates so far on qualifiers for the state meet.  It is an excel attachment and each club is on a separate list.  The change in format is to make it easier for the meet host to check entries.  Qualifying scores will no longer iqoption be listed to cut down the number of e-mails Mark and I have received from parents saying it is the wrong score because they scored higher at another meet etc.  The purpose of the list is to allow you to make sure we have the same qualifiers and give us time to make corrections if needed. If you notice a * by a name, it is because the gymnast has made a QS but has competed or is going to compete at a different level. 

For those considering putting in for next years state meet and planning to use the grant from the Idaho Dairy Council,  please note as it is a grant and it will be administered through the state.  It will NOT be a blank check to do as you would like.  The purpose is to help provide a facility, run the boys and girls meet together, and keep costs down for all the gymnasts (low entry fee).  Your bid must include what you want to use the grant for and what the approximate costs will be. Lynn and Mark Kindelspire have put together a notebook to help those of you who would like to use the grant. For instance, when their bill for the iq option login facility comes in, they give me the bill and I write the check.  I also have to give an accounting to the Idaho Dairy Council of the money. 

 Reminder, any items to be on the state meeting agenda must be done in writing and to me by March 1.  STATE MEET INFO is on the website.  Check it out!

 Graduate News:

Brooke Barclay (Funtastics) is out for the season at Oregon State University. She received her injury on her first event at her first meet! She is redshirting and rehabbing for next year.

Brista Michael made the competing line up for Texas Women�s College

Ashley Rainboth made the line up for Boise State University.

Any one else with news on our graduates, send it on for our next letter!

Reminder coaches- anyone with a senior need to let me know for awards at the state meet. 

Have a great season!


 Qualifying scores


  • Level 4: 28.0
  • Levels 5, 6, 7, 8: 30.0
  • Specialist 7.5 * remember a specialist can not compete in AA during the season and be a specialist for state.
  • Level 9, 10: 32.0
  • 9 or 10 Specialist 8.0 on an event


  • Level 8 top 63% by score regardless of age group
  • Level 9, 10: 34.0
  • 9 or 10 Specialist 8.5 on an event


Clinics a Success! 

Special thanks to everyone who helped!  Here are some pics featuring some of the countries best clinicians, Neil and Patty Resnick and Tom Koll!



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